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Cat Automation Team
CAT Automation Team

Catalyticsoft's CAT Automation Team focuses on training your team in the processes involved in automating software development. The engagement includes the installation and licensing of CAT Professional which will be commercially available in the second half of 2008. It�s goal is to:
  • Create a shift within your software development team away from manual, knowledge Intensive, repetitive effort to design and developing understanding of business
  • Create a self improving system - the more you automate the faster you become
  • Accelerate knowledge sharing and learning
  • Accelerate an organisation�s ability to adopt new technologies
  • Give power back to those who know the business best by re-engaging business people in the development process
Catalyticsoft are looking for early adopters who want a competitive advantage or dramatic improvement in time to market while not sacrificing quality and rigor. Companies will need to be Australian based. The business benefits for early adopters are:
  • Reduced development timeframes and costs
  • Increased quality and rigor
  • Increased learning and sharing of best practice
  • Accelerated learning and adoption of new technologies
Early adopters need to meet the following criteria:
  • Have an existing software development team
  • Have an existing Application Framework or a desire to develop one which focuses on the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework with an emphasis on ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Have an ongoing program of application development that can benefit from Automation and a potential early candidate application that can form the focus of the early phase of the CAT Automation Team engagement.
  • Are prepared to gain advantage through a rapid, iterative approach to software development.
  • Are Australian based or have an Australian office in which they wish to undertake the engagement
The CAT Automation Team offering is a combination of technologies, skills transfer and a traditional software development engagement. The central focus is on integrating the technologies and methodologies into the process used by your development team.

Each CAT Automation Team is a one off engagement in terms of structure and processes because the approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of the organisation. However, in general the following high level elements typically occur during a CAT Automation Team Engagement.

Please contact sales@catalyticsoft.com for further information.