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Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd, an Australian company, was founded by Chris Coleman and Ashley Hubbard in mid 2003 with the intent of creating a high end consultancy and software development group focused on identifying and leveraging gaps in the Microsoft suite of products through the use of Automation.

Catalyticsoft have focused their efforts to date on automating many of the underlying processes involved in software development.  They have applied their methodologies and technologies to their own consulting practice and have achieved saving in timeframes and costs way beyond the industry norm for the rapidly growing client base.

They are now bringing to market their methodologies and technologies under the brand of Catalytic Automation Technology (CAT) and CAT Accelerator represents the first in their suite of products in this range.


Rapid business transformation is essential in periods of high change! The speed of software development has become one of the key stumbling blocks to organizational transformation. Organizations that can adapt rapidly will be those that flourish in the future and Catalyticsoft will help them transform at a faster pace than their competitors through the introduction of Automation Technologies

Company History

Catalyticsofts founders have a long history of association with Microsoft and in previous roles have assisted Microsoft in promoting the .NET Platform and their own technologies across the globe at major speaking events and in one-on-one sessions with key clients. In previous roles they developed code generation technology which was awarded a coveted Consensus Award in Australia in 2001.
Catalyticsoft Pty Ltd was formed in the second quarter of 2003 and by the third quarter of 2003 Catalyticsoft was well established and had undertaken over 20 consulting engagements assisting Microsoft in migrating key clients to the .NET Platform.
Since 2003 Catalyticsoft have continued to develop their expertise in the Automation of the processes involved in software development and have brought these to bear to accelerate the development efforts of their clients. This has allowed them to achieve savings in development timeframes and costs way beyond the industry norm.
Catalyticsoft now bring their expertise in automation to market through a suite of technologies known as CAT (Catalytic Automation Technologies). The first of these is known as CAT Accelerator and focuses on accelerating the development of data driven, enterprise level, web applications on Microsoft .NET framework.
Future technologies will focus on the emerging Microsoft .NET and Live technologies and will make the full power of Automation available to our clients so that they can capture and automate local and global best practice.
Catalyticsoft will also be applying their technologies to the development of a suite of technologies and methodologies to further accelerate the way business can adapt to and indeed thrive in periods of high change. Keep checking this site for updates.

Executive Team

Catalytisoft has an Executive team with a proven track record in developing, commercializing and distributing new technologies in global markets. Biographies are provided below:

Chris Coleman Chief Executive Officer

Chris Coleman, with over 20 years in the computer industry, is an entrepreneurial business builder and technology futurist and is an acknowledged thought leader in building organisations for the emerging knowledge economy. He has led multimillion-dollar change initiatives nationally and internationally in the public and private sectors for companies that include Unisys, Radio City Pty Ltd, TAFE Queensland, and City Resource Pty Ltd. Chris is a pioneer in the use of web-based technologies to enable virtual organizations and virtual teams, and has also focused specifically on the creation of technologies to accelerate the development of software. Chris has been a guest speaker of Microsoft at events across the globe.
Chris was joint founding Director and Chief Executive Officer of the technology and consultancy firm, Intuitive Capital, which was sold to a multinational company in 2001. Chris joined the multinational group, as a condition of the acquisition, as Chief Technology Officer and developed the groups business plan, corporate strategy and oversaw the development of its key products and assisted in the establishment of its global network of resellers.
As Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Chris brings his passion, vision and experience to the development and growth of Catalyticsoft. Chris is currently jointly writing a book on the automation of software development with his fellow director and founder Ashley Hubbard.

Ashley Hubbard Chief Architect

Ashley Hubbard, a 25 year veteran of the computer industry, has been a guest speaker at Microsoft and industry events in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Ashley is an acknowledged thought leader in development circles in Australia and around the globe with a depth of experience in the pharmaceutical, airline, manufacturing, educational, and petroleum industries. He is regularly sought as a speaker at developer forums and has been a joint presenter with Microsoft as early as 1992. Ashley is a true veteran of the IT industry and has successfully created and run his software development company, Hubbard Computer Services since September 1994. He is an acknowledged expert in a range of computer languages, has deep expertise in accelerating the development of software and in building enterprise level applications. Ashley is also the original author of a range of award winning rapid prototyping and development tools.
Ashley was joint Founding Director of Intuitive Capital and has worked across the globe in various software related roles. As Chief Architect and Director for Catalyticsoft, Ashley brings his depth of experience to architecting a range of new technologies based on Microsofts .NET Platform including the revolutionary suite of CAT products. Ashley leads the development team and has a key role in managing the consulting team.